Welcome to Radiology Across Borders Annual General Meeting for 2023. Another year is finished which has been very busy for the charity.

2023 has been a year of consolidation but we have still managed to get a couple of new projects off the ground as well.

Post COVID it's been nice to get our in-country visits up and running again after a long hiatus of three years, it’s been it's been like a new beginning for us.

Due to the efforts of so many wonderful people the charity has continued to grow, to give you an idea of this, we now have around 15,000 people on our mail out list, which means every time we send a mail-out it takes almost 24 hours. We have around six and a half thousand people who are now benefiting on a regular basis from our library, a very, very significant library now with over 300 lectures available and it's wonderful to see so many people have complimentary access to such wonderful resource.

We've accomplished so many things this year through our many projects, and I hope you can take the time to listen to all our project leads describe them in the video below.

Thank you to everyone involved with RAB for another wonderful year.