Radiology Across Borders (RAB) has been making a significant impact in the field of radiology, thanks to the dedicated efforts of its volunteers. Through a wide range of innovative programs, RAB has been saving lives and advancing the quality of healthcare worldwide. By fostering a global network of passionate professionals, RAB is revolutionising the way radiology education and training is provided to clinicians in emerginging nations.

Take a closer look at some of our remarkable programs:

  1. RABecs - Full-day teleconferences: These comprehensive teleconferences bring together experts from around the world to share knowledge and discuss the latest advancements in radiology. Covering a wide array of topics, RABecs ensures that radiologists stay up-to-date with the most current trends and best practices.
  2. RABinars - Radiology teleconferences: RABinars are specialised teleconferences aimed at promoting continuous learning and collaboration among radiologists. These sessions focus on specific areas of radiology, allowing participants to deepen their expertise in their chosen fields.
  3. RABitts - Technologistsʼ teleconferences: This program is tailored for radiographers and sonographers, offering them opportunities to enhance their skills and knowledge guided by experienced professionals.
  4. International Certificate in Radiology Fundamentals (ICRF) - This one-year online course equips radiologists, radiologist trainees, radiographers and sonographers in emerging nations with the essential foundations of the field, enabling them to build their capabilities in radiology practice and consequently improve health care delivery to their communities.
  5. Film Bank Quiz - Radiology cases and quizes: The Film Bank Quiz (FBQ) provides a valuable resource for professionals seeking to refine their diagnostic skills. Access to a repository of radiology cases and quizzes helps sharpen the ability to interpret various imaging studies accurately.
  6. Library - Archive of webinars, conferences & lectures: RAB's extensive library serves as a treasure trove of educational content, housing webinars, conference recordings, and lectures that can be accessed at any time for continuous learning.
  7. VITAL - Breast imaging and O&G Ultrasound, in-country visits & teleconferences: The VITAL program focuses on breast imaging, obstetric and gynaecological ultrasound, providing in-country visits and teleconferences to improve healthcare practices in these critical areas.
  8. Paeds VITAL - Paediatric imaging, in-country visits & teleconferences: For paediatric radiology, Paeds VITAL extends similar support with in-country visits and teleconferences, helping to enhance the diagnosis and treatment of children's medical conditions.
  9. IMPACT - Mammography, in-country visits & teleconferences: IMPACT concentrates on mammography, emphasising early detection and treatment of breast cancer through in-country visits and teleconferences.
  10. RABacs - Cardiology teleconferences: RAB's commitment to interdisciplinary collaboration is evident through RABacs, which provides teleconferences for radiologists and cardiologists to improve the diagnosis and treatment of cardiovascular diseases.
  11. RABics - In-country visits: Through RABics, volunteer radiologists and technologists visit emerging nations to provide training and support to local clinicians, to improve imaging practices.
  12. Mentorship - Connecting clinician peers worldwide: RAB fosters a global mentorship network, connecting clinicians in emerging nations with experienced peers to facilitate knowledge transfer and professional development.
  13. TIDES - Teleradiology in disaster events & second opinions: TIDES plays a critical role in disaster response, providing teleradiology services for timely diagnoses during emergencies and offering second opinions to ensure accuracy and reliability in challenging cases.
  14. DIP - Diagnostic Imaging Pathways: An online suite of evidence-based imaging guidelines and educational resources for clinicians and consumers, facilitating informed decision-making and improved patient outcomes.
  15. Breast AI - RAB is exploring the potential of artificial intelligence in breast imaging used in emerging nations to enhance efficiency and accuracy as well as the possibility of establishing screening programs.
  16. RABcasts - Podcast series: RABcasts brings together prominent industry leaders to share their insights and experiences, inspiring the radiology community to continuously strive for excellence.

RAB's impact extends far beyond the confines of traditional education by leveraging the passion, expertise, and global reach of its volunteers. RAB is making a tangible difference in emerging healthcare systems worldwide. We are committed to saving lives through education, training, and technology.

If you're an imaging professional or someone passionate about making a difference, join Radiology Across Borders and be a part of this transformative movement. Watch the video above and witness firsthand how RAB is shaping the future of radiology education and saving lives across borders. Together, we can make a difference.

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