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Quote from Lumus Imaging CEO Dean Lewsam:

We are always talking about the exciting projects and innovations happening at Lumus Imaging. With our 130+ sites across the country, our reputation as industry leaders has only grown under our new Lumus Imaging brand, complete with our network of expert knowledge and care. I am thrilled to announce that Lumus Imaging will be a major partner of Radiology Across Borders in 2022. Lumus Imaging will not just be providing significant financial support to RAB, but this is also an investment in the culture fostered at our medical imaging centres and lived by our people on a daily basis through our Lumus Imaging values.

Moving Forward:

For many years, Healthcare Imaging Services and Queensland Diagnostic Imaging operated under multiple brand names across Australia, providing a variety of imaging services to our patients, referrers, suppliers, and partners. Following the launch of our new national brand, Lumus Imaging, we are proud to announce this partnership with RAB.

Organisations like RAB increase access to important knowledge and support for radiology experts internationally, and this aligns strongly with the Lumus Imaging slogan ‘knowledge that matters, people that care’. We care about our patients, our staff, and our social responsibility as a healthcare provider. We operate as a network of experts, and we want to extend this network to our colleagues at RAB on a national and international scale. Lumus Imaging is excited to contribute to the knowledge libraries, events and culture of RAB, and welcomes our new colleagues to the Lumus Imaging community.

Controversies in Cardiac Imaging

Presenter: Dr. John Younger
Date Presented: 05-10-2018

Stroke Imaging

Review and Future Directions

Presenter: Associate Professor Nicholas Koontz
Date Presented: 04-10-2018

Spaces of the Head and Neck

Presenter: Associate Professor Nicholas Koontz
Date Presented: 03-10-2018

Acute Pancreatitis

Presenter: Prof Kumar Sandrasegaran
Date Presented: 04-10-2018

Pitfalls of Abdominal Imaging

Presenter: Prof Kumar Sandrasegaran
Date Presented: 03-10-2018

Our Partners

Radiology Across Borders

Radiology Across Borders educates and trains local clinicians in developing nations to use the power of radiology to save lives. 

“As a global charity, diversity and inclusivity are fundamental to the work of Radiology Across Borders . Our volunteers from around the globe bring their diverse backgrounds together to share their knowledge, skills and experience to uplift other clinicians who also come from many different cultures, genders, racial backgrounds, sexual orientations and religions . Together we unite in our vision to provide quality support to healthcare providers and patients to the best of our ability. 

Radiology Across Borders functions and thrives wholeheartedly under the pillars of diversity, inclusivity and respect for all."

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