Wednesday 19 February 2020


RAB collaboration 2020 - a Vietnam social enterprise

Report by: Phung Truong

Center for Healthcare Improvement Research (CHIR)

Center for Healthcare Improvement Research (CHIR)

The Center for Healthcare Improvement Research (CHIR) is a not-for-profit social enterprise based in Vietnam, which aims to bring together both domestic and international resources to support the improvement of healthcare services in the country. It aims to benefit both clinical and non-clinical staff, public and private hospitals, especially in remote areas. Since being set up in January 2018, CHIR has delivered their training courses on hospital quality management and patient safety to over 40 of the 63 provinces of Vietnam, published books to support self-learning, and continues to run an online discussion forum with over 28,000 participants.

CHIR expects to spread their experiences further to the developing world to help overseas colleagues reduce costs and increase efficiency, whilst enhancing quality and safety. CHIR’s services cover a wide range of topics including patient flow, risk management, accreditation, patient education, emotional intelligence for healthcare workers and more. In late 2019, the CHIR sought to expand into the field of ‘safety in radiology’, which led to a connection with RAB.

Thanks to RAB, CHIR members were very warmly welcomed on their informative visits to the Radiology Departments of SAN and St George Hospitals in Sydney in December 2019. The lessons, templates, and photos shared during the trips have been translated and delivered to CHIR’s forum, with great impact so far. As CHIR’s activities fit with RAB’s motto “Education safe life”, the two organisations hope to collaborate more in the future, especially for RAB’s workshops in Vietnam in 2020.