Tuesday 15 December 2020


2020 A Year In Review

Report by: Isabella and Suresh de Silva

What a year it has been. The enormous challenges we all faced amid the COVID 19 pandemic, have become powerful opportunities to find new and innovative ways to deliver RAB education programs virtually and thus reaching many more people around the world. Many of our programs were delivered online this year and new programs, such as the very successful 1-to1 virtual mentorship program were added. The TIDES project welcomed the Cook Islands as a new nation and I am very excited to be able to share with you feedback from the head radiographer of the Cook Islands, Mrs Waisiki Lomalagi, on what difference it has made to patients in the Cook Islands. 

On 24 November, we welcomed many of our members, partners and volunteers to our Annual General Meeting providing a summary of our work this year and introducing our plans for 2021. Have a look at our RAB in 2020 video to see all our incredible progress we together were able to achieve in 2020 and what to expect in 2021.

With many initiatives moving online, we also upgraded the RAB website and we'd love to invite you to have a look. And while you are there, discover the many faces of RAB's volunteers, such as Kristopher, Kieran, Katie and Michaella, our new volunteer medical students from Canada, helping us to launch the International Certificate in Radiology Fundamentals. Next year, with many restrictions to travel anticipated to still be in place, we will be shifting our site programs including VITAL, IMPACT and the brand new Paediatric VITAL online and will deliver six virtual conferences. We thank Carlisle Health for sponsoring these virtual conferences.

With the year drawing to an end, we wish you and your families a safe and peaceful transition into the New Year. We are very grateful for all your support and remember:

Together, we can change the world through radiology.