Tuesday 16 July 2019


Site Visit - Mongolia 2019

Report by: Dr Trina Whittaker

Drs Emmeline Lee, Trina Whittaker, Rennae Thiessen, Jash Agraval and Kira Brent

An inaugural RAB team travelled to Mongolia in June this year, comprised of Drs Emmeline Lee (Mongolia Lead), Jash Agraval, Kira Brent (OBGYN), Rennae Thiessen and Trina Whittaker representing Australia, New Zealand and Canada, and providing lectures in neuroradiology, O&G, chest, abdomen and breast imaging.

We were fortunate to explore small parts of this expansive country prior to the lecture series; including the stunning Altai Mountain region by horseback, exploring the ancient Mongol capital of Karakorum and the Orkhon Valley, riding camels in the Elsen Tasarkhai and spotting wild horses in Hustai National Park. Throughout we experienced the wonderful warmth of local families, the skill of eagle hunters and slept in gers.

The capital, Ulaanbaatar, with its monuments and squares, reflects the long history of the Mongolian people from Chinggis Khan to the more recent period of communism. Here, with a backdrop of cultural theatre and delicious food, we gave a series of lectures over two days, which were well received by local radiologists and trainees.

More importantly, we forged friendships and working relationships with the local radiology leaders. A huge thank you to Dr Delgermaa Demchig and her team for such a well organised and professional event. Our hope is to continue to provide educational opportunities and share clinical experience with our radiology colleagues in Mongolia. Particularly in support of important public health issues, such as the development of a breast screening service in a country where approximately 90% of the breast cancer cases diagnosed are late stage from which most patients will die, compared to a 92% survival rate for those diagnosed with breast cancer in developed nations, such as Australia.

As always, these experiences teach us more than we can teach.

We encourage you to view a short video below detailing this inaugural RAB visit.