Sunday 23 April 2023


RABcast With Christoph Zindel

Report by: Suresh de Silva

Join Dr Suresh de Silva, Sydney radiologist and founder of global charity Radiology Across Borders, for a series of conversations with health and other industry leaders. In our first season, we interview leaders in global radiology for a deep dive into their experiences and careers, and what we as a global society can do to impart meaningful change.


Episode 1

AI and Quantum Computing: In conversation with Dr Christoph Zindel

Dr Zindel, board member at Siemens Healthineers and a global leader in new technologies, explains where he sees the state of radiology, quantum computing and artificial intelligence today. In view of the advent of personalised medicine and holistic therapy many experts predict the end of healthcare as we know it. However, in many places it is ‘healthcare business as usual.’ This is not in the future; this is happening right now and will impact all of us in some way.

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