Friday 15 July 2022


RABcast With Prof. Bruce Forster

Report by: Suresh de Silva

Join Dr Suresh de Silva, Sydney radiologist and founder of global charity Radiology Across Borders, for a series of conversations with health and other industry leaders. In our first season, we interview leaders in global radiology for a deep dive into their experiences and careers, and what we as a global society can do to impart meaningful change.


Episode 2

Challenges in AI implementation and training the next generation: In conversation with Prof. Bruce Forster

In this episode, Suresh sits down with Prof Bruce Forster, former Director of Radiology at the University of British Columbia, and radiologist for the Olympic Games. Bruce discusses challenges of AI implementation and recaps the highlights of his unique journey in radiology over the years. As one of the foremost global radiologists and educators of today, Bruce discusses the rewards of training the next generation and we get to know the man behind the screen.

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