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We are excited to announce the launch of a new learning initiative, the "RAB Film Bank Quiz (FBQ)". From its origins as an 'in house' Integral Diagnostics monthly interesting case presentation, it has been adapted and developed into a monthly case based educational programme available for all RAB members and in particular, members in developing nations.  This has only been possible due to the valuable contributions from many individuals, including Dr Katerina Mastrocostas, Dr Chien Ho, Dr Henry Knipe, Stephen Hardwick, Kacey Blake,Dr Suresh de Silva and Julian Gully.

The FBQ will run over 12 months, commencing from April with trial cases. Each month, a new case will be featured, consisting of a clinical history, corresponding imaging and a series of questions.  The selected cases aim to illustrate interesting and/or important radiological findings and will cover a broad range of body systems, serving as a stimulus for further learning.  At the end of each case, suggestions for further reading will also be provided and an area for the learner to suggest further topic they would like covered.

RAB Film Bank Quiz - July 2020

Dr Chien Ho
Dr Katerina Mastrocostas

“This 76-year-old man presents with chronic pain and swelling in the fingers, reduced range of movement and an ache at the base of the thumb for investigation.”

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RAB Film Bank Quiz - May 2020

Dr Chien Ho
Dr Katerina Mastrocostas

“A 29-year-old male with a recent flu-like illness, presents acutely confused and with a headache to the Emergency Department.”

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RAB Film Bank Quiz - April 2020

Dr Chien Ho
Dr Katerina Mastrocostas

“83 year old female with history of ovarian cancer and previous proximal tibial metastasis treated with internal fixation, presents with increased pain at the distal lower leg.”

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