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Where: Doltone House Darling Island

When: 13-11-2018

Address: 48 Pirrama Road Pyrmont (directly opposite The Star) Waterfront Promenade Entrance

Time: 6.30pm for 7.00pm

Our Goal

RAB Gala Dinner 2018

RAB Gala Dinner

Radiology Across Borders (RAB) is the first and only registered Radiology charity in Australia. Founded in 2010, our mission is to improve the health care in the Asia Pacific region by providing radiological education and services to clinicians in our neighbouring countries.

The projects RAB invests funds into have a direct impact into saving lives through Radiology. We appreciate the support from our partners and volunteers, who invest their time and resources to making a difference in the nations. For RAB to continue to be successful in providing projects for the partner nations Fiji, Laos, Vietnam, Cambodia, PNG, Samoa, Sri Lank, Mongolia and Vanuatu, we need your help.

The RAB Gala evening will provide a great opportunity to raise funds to help steer more projects throughout the nations. The night is also importantly a night of thanks and recognition to those who have contributed time, knowledge and expertise to the cause. Here is a summary of RABs work thus far and our plans going forward.


Helping Through Education

RAB provides monthly education sessions via teleconferencing RABinars to all nations. These sessions are uploaded on the RAB website library for ongoing education. There is a growing need to extend and make available better infrastructure to provide the growing numbers of radiologists and other clinicians the opportunity to participate in these RABinars.

Every year, RAB volunteer radiologists travel to the partner nations to provide extensive education programs to local clinicians who would not have access to radiology expertise and training in specific disease states. We are working in collaboration with ASUM, AIHE and AMSIG and are expanding these programs to include sonographers to provide hands-on training. Radiologists travel self-funded. RAB supports sonographers with their travel expenses and aims to extend the reach further with ongoing support and funds for these important projects.

The technicians program is a new initiative in 2018 aiming to deliver a technical webinar program to our partner nations to allow access to quality education in radiography, sonography, mammography and nuclear medicine. As this is a new project ongoing funding will be required to ensure this project can continue to grow and provide comprehensive support across all areas of imaging.

The VITAL project launched in Samoa last year aiming to reduce the gap in breast and O&G imaging and management. This year, the program is brought to Fiji and RAB is hoping to roll it out in more nations in the future.

The RAB curriculum project aims to define and cover the key teaching, education and training components that will ensure the essentials needed to become a “sound radiologist”. For the curriculum project to be a success there will be a didactic and practical component and with additional funding ,this project can expand and be implemented across the nations, directly impacting lives of patients receiving better care.

Helping Through Expertise

RAB provides advice and consultancy to all nations on specific topics following needs assessment. The regular visits to the partner nations help to steer planning installation, operation and maintenance. For example, in the Solomon Islands RAB assisted with the installation of the first CT scanner and first mammography unit, having a direct impact on improving health care for patients in the partner nation.

The TIDES (Teleradiology Project in Disaster Events) is a project aimed to address the needs for screening programs with the ability to tap into overseas expertise where required, as well as providing radiology services remotely during disaster events. TIDES is being rolled out in Samoa this year with the aim to add other partner nations in the near future. This project will help steer assistance with equipment, hands on training and applications and expertise, directly impacting people in these nations.

Please come and join us in recognising the commitment of the extended RAB team the supporting partners and volunteers for their work in the nations.

We say thanks and welcome you to enjoy a night of fundraising, fun and entertainment.

Radiology Across Borders

Radiology Across Borders trains local doctors in developing nations to use the power of radiology to save lives.

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