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Doppler Ultrasound: How? When? What?

Presenter: Dr Katerina Mastrocostas
Date Presented: 11-03-2020

Inhalational Lung Diseases

Presenter: Greg Briggs
Date Presented: 12-02-2020

First Trimester Ultrasound

Presenter: Dr Glenn McNally
Date Presented: 11-12-2019

Breast Imaging - A review of modalities and cases

Presenter: Dr Debra Meerkotter,
Date Presented: 06-11-2019

Managing Incidental Findings on Chest CT

Presenter: Dr Rennae Thiessen
Date Presented: 02-10-2019

Review of Appendicular Arthritis

Presenter: Dr Barnaby Clark
Date Presented: 04-09-2019

Primary Brain Malignancies

Presenter: Dr Catherine Mandel
Date Presented: 07-08-2019

CT of peritoneal disease

Presenter: Dr Kirsten Gormly
Date Presented: 04-07-2019

Renal Tumour Ablation

Presenter: Dr Ben Reidy
Date Presented: 05-06-2019

Mammography Cases

Presenter: Dr Darrilyn Greenberg
Date Presented: 08-05-2019

MRI Prostate

Presenter: Dr Lisa Tarlinton
Date Presented: 03-04-2019

MRI of the Knee

Presenter: Craig Buchan
Date Presented: 27-02-2019

Spinal Injections - How I Do It

Presenter: Dr Sohrabh Memon
Date Presented: 26-09-2018

Diagnosing malignant cord compression and how it affects management

Presenter: Dr Catherine Mandel
Date Presented: 25-07-2018

Common and Uncommon ankle pathologies- US and MRI correlation

Presenter: Rupinder Sekhon
Date Presented: 30-08-2018

The Radiologist and Back Pain

Presenter: Professor Graham Buirsk
Date Presented: 27-06-2018

Gall bladder/biliary disease

Presenter: Dr Suresh de Silva
Date Presented: 17-05-2018

Breast & Gynaecological cases

Presenter: Dr Parveen Sidhu
Date Presented: 26-04-2018

Liver MRI : Essential Cases

Presenter: Dr Suresh de Silva
Date Presented: 28-02-2018

Breast Imaging : The Basics

Presenter: Dr Darrilyn Greenberg
Date Presented: 24-01-2018

Musculoskeletal Radiology

Presenter: Dr Matt Andrews
Date Presented: 13-12-2017

Intracranial Metastases

Presenter: Dr Catherine Mandel
Date Presented: 27-10-2017

The ABCs of Embolisation

Presenter: Dr Luke Baker
Date Presented: 09-08-2017

Imaging: Wrist and Hand

Presenter: Dr Salman Ansari
Date Presented: 06-07-2017

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