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Contrast Administration in CT

Presenter: Brett Edwards
Date Presented: 11-04-2019

The Relationship Between Image Quality and Radiation Dose in CT

Presenter: Liesel Taylor
Date Presented: 14-03-2019

Mammography Essentials

Presenter: Liesel Taylor
Date Presented: 22-11-2018

The Essentials of MRI

Presenter: Tricia Thompson
Date Presented: 21-02-2019

Radiography of Elbow Trauma - Michael Fuller

Presenter: Michael Fuller
Date Presented: 11-10-2018

Essential Musculoskeletal Ultrasound

Presenter: Deborah Fox, AMS
Date Presented: 05-07-2018

Fundamentals of Interpreting Trauma X-rays

Presenter: Michael Neep
Date Presented: 30-08-2018

Hand Hygiene and Infection Control

Presenter: Dr Nadine Thompson
Date Presented: 24-05-2018

CT – Radiation Safety, Contrast and Dose Management

Presenter: Steven Wiseman
Date Presented: 05-04-2018

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